AMAZING NEWS: 9/22/19 – Pre Fall Equinox Edition


1. Have you all noticed the changes to our website?  Not only have we updated our theme, which allows for the display of many more posts right on the front page, but we’ve also dramatically extended our coveage of the “genre” world.  We’re attempting to give wide-coverage to everything genre – science fiction, fantasy, horror and their many children – across all formats from print to film to art – and to be as representative of the many different expressions of humanity behind all of that creative wonderment.  We’d love to hear what you think.  We’d also love suggestions as to other sources we can include.

2. This is a bi-weekly round-up of news items, so keep that in mind.




Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary Adds the Pronoun “THEY” to their tome

PW Asks if Industry Tradeshows are Disability Friendly:  Based on Con Reports, the answer is “Sometimes”

No.  Just – NO:  We do not need a Cliff Notes Book App;  the point of readiing is to READ, not to summarize, concatenate, outline…

Whereas, this electronic free story dispenser may be a good thing

A Hannes Bok Kickstarter Ends Soon!

Julie Phillips, Sheldon Biographer, weighs in on the Tiptree Award (““Murder” is a heavy charge to put on someone without proof. I can’t accept it.”)

Don’t Let THIS Happen to You:  Streaming & Binge-Watching are Not Homework

Pastafarian offers invocation at Alaskan Government Meeting

DHS Issues Warning About Growing White Supremacy


It always warms our heart to see people acting the way we imagine they ought to:  Grandpa Mason Passes


All About AppleTV+ and the rollout of the Amazing Stories TV Show (note:  this is updated regularly by CNET;  there may or may not be new news)

Robot Lego Star Wars Band

Author Procrastination is neatly summed up in this cartoon

Cast for Pratchett’s The Watch Announced

Go with a galaxy-themed pumpkin this Halloween

Why Read Dated SF?  Because you might find something cool, dammit!

The Latest SF Concatenation

This Joker is not being taken seriously

If You Happen to be in Melbourne This Thursday, Jack Dann Wants You!  At the Atheneum Theater for The War of the Worlds !

Is the Twilight Zone’s Return as Good as its hyped to be?

Sience Fiction League Stuff:  They have STICKERS!


NESFA says you should attend – More Than ‘Just Uhura’: Understanding Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura, Civil Rights, and Space History

They Say That Indie Bookstores are Making a Come-Back:  Is nakedidity the answer?  

Ellery Queen’s Stolen Book Collection Recovered

Too Many Genre Labels Are BAD for SF

JJ Abrams Turns Down Apple Deal

More Apple News: Apple’s rectitude is not helping it any in the critique department

Why Did Philip K Dick Rat Stanislaw Lem Out to the FBI? Communist Poland’s monetary policy may be the answer

New Updates to the WSFS Worldcon Runner’s Guide

Haffner Press Has Some New Goodies For You

Science Fiction and Social Science


This is (maybe) starting to become a bore:  yet another interstellar object trespasses into the solar system

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