AMAZING NEWS: Special The Eagle Ascends Edition 7-21-19


Yep, sure – go ahead and sell Mein Kampf, but please take down the copies being offered by white supremacist orgs (we don’t burn books even though the Nazis did)

Thanks, Trump:  Owing to warnings of raids by the President, immigrants are now well-versed in their rights

Genetics, not vaccinations, shown to be biggest risk associated with Autism (long form, comprehensive study still won’t shut anti-vaccers up)

Congo Ebola Outbreak Now Declared a Global Health Emergency (case reported in Goma, a city with an international airport)

What its like to live while being black (read this whole thing as the impact and message are only fully realized when you are confronted with the extent)


The Orville to move to Hulu for Season 3

This will appeal to a certain contingent of fans:  Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers get animated series.  Also, you can download the game – Feds n Heds – based on the brother’s antics here. (Of underground comics fame.  Has cats.)

Fabulous Moon Shot Illo by David A. Hardy

Are you a misogynist?  An Incel?  Gamergate-adjacent?  If so, wrap a towel around your head, or at least hold onto it firmly as it may explode, or at the very least spin wildly because – the Next Bond is going to be a woman.

Wow – efficiency!  With this toy you can put out multiple eyes with just a few cranks of the handle!

On the set of Destination: Moon, with George Pal, Robert Heinlein, Chesley Bonestell and the crew!

CATS in the uncanny valley

Check out The Moonrise Podcast

Kowal & Liu Discuss the Moon Landing

PSA for Star Fleet Members Going Ashore on Orion

New TWD Trailer unveiled at SDCC (also, Rick Grimes movies)

‘Bad’ Trek Humor

Get you pic with Trump Baby at SDCC

Moon Humor (misogynistic, but also very 50s)

MCU Phase 4 Unveiled at SDCC (gee, look at that, most shows only streaming exclusively in Disney)  (Mini editorial:  the studios are going back to their old ways – they want to control the creative, the distribution and even own the theaters….and with motion capture and digital coming along, soon they’ll be putting actor back under contract – at least digitally.)

New Picard Trailer.  Looks like “Old man has one last adventure”


Gunn Center (Happy Birthday James!) Lecture series – Feminism and Science Fiction

Calling All Artists – a request from David Gerrold

Holy Cow SF Stories from the center of the world anthology released

Adventurers Club Sculpture

The Road to Toon Town released – shorts from Roger Rabbit’s creator

Check out Amazing Stories NEW look!

Call for Submissions – One Sitting Reads

Alan Moore Retires

Haffner Press Releases Kuttner Kooky Korner


How a small town in Australia helped staff the Moon landing

New Russian Space Telescope Launched

Apollo 11 Mission in Real Time (Fabulous multi-media presentation of the mission

Chinese Space Station Coming Down

French Gov to Create its own Sigma group (and in case you were wondering – Sigma)

BBC Coverage of Apollo 11

Are we heading for extinction?  (YES)

Giant Carnivorous Worm Discovered

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