AMAZING NEWS: 5/14/23 Happy Mother’s Day!

Tales From the White Hart. I don’t think this was what Sir Arthur had in mind

The WEBB Space Telescope images asteroid belts around Fomalhaut

Meteor strikes home in New Jersey (its not from Fomalhaut and it didn’t happen in Grover’s Mill)

Calling Doctor Octopus, will Doc Oc please report….Robotic Arms attached to and operated by humans

IAFA Appoints Ekpeki Virtual Conference Coordinator

Video features a cyborg from 1909

Video from the Front Lines of Ukraine, not genre, but important

DysonSphere Writing Contest

Uncovering the formation of strange matter inside atomic nuclei

Mosaic of Star Forming Clusters Captured by Observatory

An image from Babylon 5, the Animated Version

2023 Aurora Award Finalists

The Woz addresses AI

Stranger Things and other Genre Properties Shut Down in Face of WGA Strike

How to Support the WGA

Don’t Miss the Humans To Mars Summit

Taking Star Wars to Task for Fat Shaming

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