SPECIAL NOTES:  If you read nothing else today, read the two pieces on climate change and declining biodiversity AND read the piece on the roots of white nationalsim.
After that, you’ll need a pick-me-up.  Check out Netflix’s new series Love, Death + Robots


State Rep calls for “testicular bill of rights” – leveling the rights playing field

Legal Pioneers:  Animal Advocates in Court

Gee, look at that:  actually process rape kits and people get arrested, who’d u thunk it?

Amazon Pulls Titles Promoting Dangerous Autism Treatments

Face Palm:  Now the cops are arresting black people who call them

Permafrost’s Warming May Moot Paris Accords and The Rapid Decline of Biodiversity 

The Roots of White Nationalism in the US Run DEEP (Thanks to Gary Farber for bringing this to our attention)



Daniel M Kimmel reviews Alita

Kimberly Unger notes that every Infinity Stone now has an Avatar

Captain Marvel website goes retro

Speak-n-Spell, Alien Probe Edition

Yet Another End Game Theory (this one based on Captain Marvel credits teaser)

We may be seeing more of Monica

Wrath of Khan Hoodie

Marvel responds quickly when fans point out they left someone off a poster

Thor: Ragnarok director helming Time Bandits TV show

Where to Start Reading Ellison

It. Can’t. Be. Done.  SF Novels too complex to turn into films

How to Binge READ

Agent Coulson Tells Off Trolls

If Woody is Laughing, You Know It’s Going To Be Good:  Harrelson on the set of Zombieland 2


Captain Marvel Demonstrated That Trolls are Powerless

CJ Anders on The Left Hand of Darkness at Fifty

Scott Edelman is justifiably proud of his Captain Marvel movie credit (congrats, Scott)

Alternate Beatles:  Crowdfunding for a Unique Anthology

Hey!  How’d that guy with a last name starting with ‘V’ get in here? (Bear, Benford, Brin & Vinge) (with a slight consonontal shift, he fits in just fine)

Polar Borealis’ 9th Issue is off to the copy editors

Delany’s Letters From Amherst Available

New John Carter of Mars Boxed Edition

Sheet Music Typewriter

Lightspeed Profiles Author Carolyn Ives Gilman

Reverse Ageism:  SLF’s Older Writer Grant

Afrofuturism Continues to Thrive

Chesley Bonestell Documentary


Do you remember “Stop the world, I want to get off?”  Apparently, the Air Force was serious

Time Reversal in the Lab:  Well, kinda….

Permafrost’s Warming May Moot Paris Accords(yes, you did see this above:  it’s important)

Opportunity’s Last Martian Panorama

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