AMAZING PEOPLE: Diane Lynn Gardner’s Release Party


Saturday February 9, 2019

The launch party for Layla: Born at Night book 3.1 of Ian’s Realm Saga is scheduled for today from 3 to 5 pm PDT

Here’s the link

Grand prize includes

Anyone want to take a gander at this fantastic grand prize package? The game will be posted early Saturday morning and it’s easy to get in on the drawing. The lucky winner will receive a copy of

A beautiful crystal necklace,
An Amazon $25 gift card,
Broken Spokes, the heartfelt and inspiring true story of a child who overcame tremendous hardship and grew into a dynamic, generous woman,
Digitus 233, the story of a group of young adults hand picked by the elite to help in the hostile takeover of planet earth and the journey of a brave young man who stands up against them,

And a free pass to your own private viewing of Ian’s Realm Concept Short Film, Behind the Scenes footage and bloopers.

There will be more prizes also!

To celebrate, Ian’s Realm Saga EBook is also on sale, this 3 book volume is an adventure fantasy about a young man who enters a portal to another world, he’s thrust into a conflict with dragon worshippers — and an epic battle between good and evil… A magical fantasy collection!

“The magic of the Realm has and always will lay in the hands of the children.” – Ian

Excerpt from Layla, Born at Night

“Ian turned to his father. If ever Alex disapproved of him, now should be the time. He met his father’s gaze—a look that pierced his heart and soul. “I’m sorry, Dad.” His apology seemed so trivial. He’s sorry that he’s letting the dragon back into the Realm to maim and kill and annihilate the Kaemperns? He’s sorry that all those years of fighting to free the woodland people were for naught? He’s sorry for breaking a seal that was never supposed to be touched? For betraying his family? His father merely stared at him. “I guess I’m not the man you thought I was,” he added meekly. “If you ever thought I was a man.”

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