Profit, or People?

We’re living in an insane world. Or at the very least, an insane country.

Children locked up away from their parents in tent cities. Pundits suggesting that Hitler might have had a few good ideas. An acting Attorney General who…

Never mind. There is no shortage of examples.

Instead, I want to focus on one single insanity. The debate over health care.

Whenever the issue is raised, and wherever you are on the spectrum of thought on the subject, the cornerstone of the argument always rests on money. How can we afford this or that? We can’t afford this or that. This entity makes too much profit. That entity has never handled the money well. Taxes will go up. Inflation! Recession! This economic sector will take a hit. That economic sector will see growth.

They’re all the wrong focus.

The question that we should be asking is “How can we not give health care to all of our people?”

We’ve got our priorties backwards. People should be seen as inherently more valuable than profit.

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