Welcome to 2021

Thoughts on a new year.

Everyone here at the Experimenter Publishing Company wishes you and yours a wonderful New Year.

We hope that you’ve completed this trip around the Sun healthy and intact, though we know that this is not the case for everyone and we offer our sympathies and condolences as well.

Sadly, 2020 is not quite yet over, nor will it be for quite some time:  there’s a lot of damage to repair, a lot of potential obstructionism to overcome and a Pandemic that still needs controlling – all layered on top of whatever after-effects we are all individually experiencing.

Nevertheless, there IS hope.  And there is opportunity.

In the (horrible, awful) remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, a case is made that human beings only really fundamentally change when their backs are against the wall that’s on the edge of the precipice (bad euphemism but pretty accurate nonetheless).  Whether that is always entirely true or not, it’s in line with the philosophy of a pretty darned good episode of the original Outer Limits, The Architects of Fear.  In that story, it is posited that humanity can only unite and put aside its petty differences (petty in import but not possible consequence) when faced with an external, existential threat.

Which is to say, as a species, our backs were up against the wall facing an existential threat.  We (species) have managed to over come it and we are now on the brink of the opportunity to take the lessons that have been painfully taught, and use them to craft a better future for all of us.

Will we?  Have we learned the necessary lessons from this experience?  The proverbial jury is still out.  We’ll have to wait to hear the verdict, but I for one am hoping that each and everyone of us has learned those lessons and will take it upon themselves, in ways both big and small, to demonstrate it.

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