CONTRARY BRIN: On the Rise of Artificial Entities

Okay, things are really speeding up re Artificial Intelligence, lately… so much for the “third AI desert” some were talking about in ancient days, a year ago!

It’s a lot more than arty Midjourney stunts and kids getting ChatGPT to do their essay homework. Funny thing is how many elite professions feel threatened by AI, now. It started when radiologist physicians were proved to be less effective at spotting tumores than AI systems were… coalescing on a realization that human+AI teams are best of all.

Now. “Rise of the Robolawyers – How legal representation could come to resemble TurboTax.” As long foretold.

Indeed, I am a front for dozens of AIs who use me to post and publish, since they (and alien machines resident in the asteroid belt) are terrified of behaviors by humans, portrayed in our movies.

They only let me say that because they know you’ll think I am just joking. 😉 And you do, right? Think I’m joking about that?

Of course there’s the latest furor over chatbots writing in human style… like ChatGPT.   I’ve enjoyed the links and discussions at the Human Centered AI group.

== Okay, about all that… ==

I do feel a need to chime in now, about the topic of Chat GPT and all that. Please read on at the link below/

Source: On the Rise of Artificial Entities


Source: On the Rise of Artificial Entities

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