Amazing News: 11-3-19


When An Unaccompanied Service Dog Approaches You, Its NOT Looking For a Cookie (Good info here)

Thoughts on California’s Blackouts

Troll Farms – Bad for Democracy

DHS List of Words Monitored on Social Media

Smuggler’s Saw Through Trump’s “Impenetrable” Wall or Trump Border Wall: $21.7 Million per mile. Cordless Sawsall: $100.00. Sawing Through the Border Wall – Priceless


A giant flame shooting mechanical spider is now available to help liven up your live event

Military Bot Goes Through Its Paces

Want to Scare the FBI?  Invoke Ray Bradbury’s Name

Star Wars The Manalorian, Looks Better Than the Upcoming Film

“Salvage 1” Capsule Seen Beside a Road in Oklahoma

25 Best(?) Cats in SF & F

Gerrold Announces Halloween Contest Winner – Ruth Vader Ginsberg

A Gallery of Couples in Costume for Halloween

This one is for Bob Eggleton:  Giant Godzilla Attraction Installed at Theme Park

Rathbone, Karloff, Lorre & Price

When the Masks Come Off…


Help Fund This Indie Film about the Concentration Camps in Arizon and the Indigeneous Children Who’e Died There

Haffner Press has MORE Kuttner

Werewolves of London, a Warren Zevon hit, re-written by “James Joyce”

New Release:  Janet Morris’ Dream Dancer

Why Did Univesale Studios Decide to go on a Monster Movie Jag?

Norman Spinrad’s Retracted Book Review

Forgotten SF is Trending

THIS is How You Do It:  650 People-Chain Moves Library Books

Kimberly Unger Announces Sale to Galaxy’s Edge  (Read Kimberly’s Posts for Amazing Stories Here)


Cool! Tents for refugees that store solar energy and collect water.

Satellie Crashes in Backyard (It was a balloon-launched “satellite”)

Not Only is there such a thing as a “quantum knot”, but they untangle themselves too

Scientists Propose Method for Identifying Wormholes

New Method for CO2 Removal

Humanity’s Birthplace Identified

Hygeia May be a Dwarf Planet

DIY Drone Kit Under $65.00


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