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Paul Levinson

Hi everyone! I’ll be doing a FREE Zoom concert at Philcon this Sunday, 1:30pm-2pm, Eastern (New York time). I’ll be singing songs mostly from Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time. Here’s the Zoom link (won’t be live until Sunday). Would be great to see you there! Seating is unlimited (well, at least 100 🙂 And …

In honor of Philcon, I’ve put the Welcome Up CD on special sale for this weekend, through Monday.

Meanwhile …

Songs from Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time played on
Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimention, WNYU-FM Radio
Dig Vinyl’s Melodic Distraction playlist, American Dream with Yvonne
Howard Margolin’s Destinies, 24 & 31 July, 7 Aug 2020, WUSB-FM Radio
Howard Margolin’s 37th Anniversary Destinies, WUSB-FM Radio
Carl Thien’s WZBC show (scroll down to Part 2)
Patrick Rands’ Abstract Terrain show on WZBC-FM Radio in Boston
Kevin Anthony’s Psychedelic Jukebox
Captain Phil’s WUSB-FM show.
Plus the following stations: Bellarmine Radio, Louisville, KY; KDWG Radio, Dillon, Montana; The End, Cleveland, OH; SYN Radio, Melbourne, Australia

You can get all the Welcome Up music, any time, here:
Listen to entire album FREE on Bandcamp and Spotify
Order multi-color vinyl from Light in the Attic
CDs in stock – get at special Philcon sale price them here
And here’s Twice Upon a Rhyme:
Listen to entire album FREE on Bandcamp and Spotify
Original, sealed 1972 HappySad Records vinyl
New remastered Sound of Salvation vinyl from Those Old Records
Here’s a one-hour virtual concert I did in April with songs from both albums at HELIOsphere: Beyond the Corona. Here’s a video of me singing “Alpha Centauri” at my virtual concert at Amazingcon in June. More video clips from Welcome Up here and here.

Welcome Up Reviews and Interviews:
Jon Pruett says in Ugly Things Magazine that Welcome Up is “eight slices of interstellar delight”.
Joseph Neff says in The Vinyl District that Welcome Up “hits the ear as the best kind of long-delayed follow-up to a phenomenon of cultish proportions … sounding like nothing else on the current scene.”
Taro Miyasugi says Welcome Up is “a stunning folk pop album with gorgeous late 60s elements like vintage velveteen cloth…”
Evan LeVine observes about Welcome Up that “any fan of Twice Upon A Rhyme will be overjoyed by it… As otherworldly, mystical and far-out as the subject matter may be, the songs burst with love and warmth and humanity.”
in-depth interview about Welcome Up in Klemen Breznikar’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine
audio Bear Tones podcast in which I talk about Welcome Up and Twice Upon A Rhyme.
I talk with John Anealio — with whom I wrote “If I Traveled to the Past” and “Tau Ceti” — about those songs on The Functional Nerds podcast.

And … if you have time after my concert, John McDaid will be performing from 3-4pm at the same Zoom link. John was my student at the New School for Social Research about a century ago, and he is a brilliant Dylanesque songwriter. Here’s my review of a virtual concert he did this past Spring.


Play Song Samantha (rough mix, from Welcome Up)
Play Song If I Traveled To The Past (rough mix, from Welcome Up)


Upcoming Shows

Sunday, November 22
Philcon • Cherry Hill, NJ • 1:30pm
Get the Details


“Eight slices of interstellar delight”
— Jon Pruett, Ugly Things Magazine, Aug 15, 2020

Physical inquiries can be sent to: 65 Shirley Lane, 9146596160, White Plains, NY, 10607, USA
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