AMAZING NEWS: 11/13/22

First Fanthology, essays and articles from and about First Fandom is selling out.  The limited edition publication from First Fandom is half gone.  If you want one, order now!

Members of First Fandom present their original essays, fiction,
poetry, illustration, and a special appreciation of Ray Bradbury.

56 pages, limited to 50 copies
Laser printed on 28# quality paper
Photographs, B&W and color interiors
Gloss covers, 81⁄2 x 11, booklet-stapled
$35. (includes packing, postage, insurance)

To order send check or money order to: John L. Coker III at 4813 Lighthouse Road, Orlando, FL – 32808.

The latest Liminial Fiction newsletter is out

Tim Burton wants to escape from Disney

Dark Worlds Quarterly takes a look at Gernsback’s penchant for stories taking place on islands

Nat Segaloff brings this illustrated commentary to your attention

Blast from Past:  Fred Pohl article in the Luna Monthly

100 Year Starship Canopus Award is accepting submissions

Teaser for Butler’s Kindred

C.J. Cherryh ought to like this Collider article about SF Novels that need film adaptations.

A large section of the Challenger space shuttle has been found

NASA concurs with Great Filter Theory and confused people think they just made something up

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