What they thought the future would look like in the 1920s

J Michael Straczynski unveils four Tim Kirk illustrations for LDV.  Patreon supporters only.  As a fan of Kirk’s work and  a consumer of his illustrations in DV and ADV, I have to say these look to be very much in keeping with previous work.  As in – they will intrigue you and add to enjoyment of the associated story.

Soviet Lord of the Rings film found and released.

NdGT declares that the Enterprise would have little trouble dealing with the Millennium Falcon.  The astronomer’s take can be summed up as “of couurse.  No question about it”.  As expected, Star Warians are not happy, but what can you expect from a bunch of fans who can’t even come up with a good nickname for their passion?  It’s almost like they don’t really  care.

Study suggests Earth may have been colonized a long time ago.  “von Daniken?  von Daniken?

JAXA tests “rotating” rocket engine.  It probably doesn’t work the way you aare visualizing it right now.

New Spider-Man trailer features Dr. Strange and more messing around with the multi-verse

Nifty Trek infographic

The Orville wraps season 3 production

We lost Erle Korshak the other day.  Here’s a link to Shasta-Phoenix’s SF art books

Carl Sagan and Science Fiction

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