AMAZING NEWS: April 14, 2019

SPECIAL NOTE:  Fanac the Fan History Project has numerous collections of material for those voting on the Retro Hugo Awards


It’s Not Time For Joe (we include this here because it addresses issues of inappropriate touching, sexual harrassment and related concerns)

Too Dumb to recognize Facism when you see it?  No, but Americans have been lulled into discounting it

Hooray for Katie Bouman ‘Steeley Eyed Missile Woman’ (the EHT team member’s algorithm helpied image the M87 black hole;  she’s been taking MRA & Incel hits) and Colleagues Defend Bouman

NYT releases series of articles on data privacy

Georgetown Students Vote Yes for Reparations


You know, asking Captain Marvel where she’s been all this time is…well, watch the clip

The Future of Black Science Fiction wonders ‘what if the Avengers had launched in the 90s?’

Animated Addams Family Trailer (to be clear, it’s a trailer for the show, not their new home)

New Avengers: End Game Trailer (also to be more clear, it is a new trailer for Avengers: End Game, not a trailer for the New Avengers)

Thor Defaces Property

Karl Kofoed Paints Pluto

Retro Biography:  Jonathan Harris – aka – Dr. Smith

More Retro and a Different ‘Doc’ Smith

A roundup of Forgotten Books


Shut Down Your Patreon Account:  It’s a rights grab

Michael BIshop notes a sad anniversary

Amazon has new rules for reviews,  Better check them out

SP Somtow is close to funding his Mall World books reprint

Lisa Yazik (who once invited me for a Q&A with her SF class) continues to make her mark, receiving a Distinguished Researcher Award.  And Dollars.

Correction:  The Event Horizon DID take images of a black hole

Lawrence M. Schoen resigns from SFWA Board of Directors (see File 770 news from fandom for some small additional details)

Adam-Troy Casto GoH of Oasis con

Nora Jemisin reveals Far Sector comic and cover

Rob Latham’s anthology of SF Criticism is released


人猿星球的崛起 – that’s Google Translate’s version of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in ‘simplified Chinese’.  Here’s the headline:  Chinese scientists put human genes into monkey brains and YES, the monkeys are smarter

Water World?  The UN’s solution to climate change is Water World?  (I bet the Chinese are working on genetically enhanced gill men too)

Multi-coverage of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Commercial Launch:  Space X and Veteran’s Space Report

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