SF100, the Centennial Celebration of Amazing Stories’ debut and the founding of the Science Fiction genre has been announced, a joint production of Amazing Stories and RavenCon, which will take place in April of 2026.  The event will be both live (Richmond Virginia) and virtual.  We would like to hear from anyone who is interested.  Those who are can email and .

Michael Burstein is excited to share the cover of his up-coming anthology Jewish Futures: Stories From the World’s Oldest Diaspora.  There’s also now a website devoted to the book, which you can find here.

Heinlein name checked in a Batman comic

Ever thought you’d get to witness the announcement of a new Epoch in your lifetime?  Well, you have, now that geologists have identified  the physical location that best exemplifies the Anthropocene.

John O’Neill announces a new edition of Steven H Silver’s After Hastings.

Make sense:  Holmes would definitely have investigated Wells’ invasion

Emerite’s probe takes fantastic images of Diemos

NPR interview with Jeff Goodell, author of The Heat Will Kill You First

Spinrad offers up GENERAL STRIKE: AMERICAN GENERALS GO ON STRIKE AGAINST THE FOREVER WAR for Kindle.  Di Filippo writes “Spinrad’s latest is a near-future, realpolitik excursion of the kind he does so well, and which has garnered him much acclaim. It has a playful yet fierce moral and tactical urgency to it, and the scenario it presents—cultural, geopolitical, and intimate—has great verisimilitude and believability.”

Gaiman creating series based on Delany’s Nova

B&N offers up ranked SF tropes.  Mmmm, ok.

The Universe is older than you think.  And its not just you!  It’s older than cosmologists thought it was.

More space pics!  NASA releases fantastic photo from JWST

If the Writer’s and Actor’s strike in Hollywood (not to mention some of the things stated by the AMPTP) isn’t enough to tell you that Hollywood is nuts, this one will:  there are plans afoot to re-make one of the industry’s biggest flops as a TV series: Disney is working on a John Carter series.  No, please, just no. No. No. No. No, NO!



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