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starshipsofa-logoOnly one item today:  Your’s truly was interviewed by the prestigious StarShipSofa and its enormously enthusiastic host Tony C. Smith this past Tuesday (at the ungodly hour of 6 am no less).  The interview appears on today’s show = StarShipSofa No 283, along with a look back at Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis and a reading of fiction by Chris Willrich – Waiting For A Me Like You.

I’m honored by the opportunity and grateful to have found a fellow traveler in all things Science Fictiony in Tony.  We both think that what the other guy is doing is pretty darned peachy keen!

Check it out and give it a listen.  The interview begins at the 41 minute mark – but listen to the other entries first!

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  1. Thanks for helping StarShipSofa and for the Amazing Stories news!

    Your post above says episode 286 where the StarShipSofa page says 283; your link is correct.

  2. Interesting story on how you obtained the trademark. I had a similar "I want it" moment, complete with discussion with the wife, a few years ago (though the end result was not the same) when Heinlein's house here in Colorado Springs came up for sale. Alas, it was out of our price range.

    – unrelated – any idea why there is no comment option on Chris Gerwel's Crossroads blog posted on 4/4?

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