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Repetition, repetition, repetition….

With so many people engaging in tasks that are often thought of as repetitive (baking all kinds of breads and cakes, sewing and crocheting and knitting and long involved projects like filling coloring books or creating mandalas...) these kinds of time-waster games are filling a similar need.

The Required Plots of Star Trek

Star Trek - in all of its iterations - always engages with these thirteen plots

Gotta See a Man About a Job…

If, in science fiction, money has no real meaning, than what the hell is your day-job exactly for?

Fair and Fair Alike

In the face of an uncaring universe driven by physics and mathematics, what is fair?

Sidekicks and the Meta-game

he sidekick is often the one person who sees the “real” hero. The more far-future and fantastic the world becomes, the more essential this kind of character is.

To Get From Here to There

Other than Aliens, is there anything more science-fictional than spaceships?

I’m Not Saying it’s Aliens, but….

You knew we were going to get here sooner or later, didn't you.  One of the most interesting things about aliens showing up in videogames is that they often serve the same purpose as they do in broader science fiction.

The Mechanics of Life and Death

Breaking all the rules is part of playing the game.

CON REPORT: San Diego Comicon 2019

So let’s get things straight. I am not a hall H kinda gal, so no, I did not get to see, hear, touch, breathe...

The Game’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Many times a story isn't so much about what happens at the ending, but rather the journey taken to get there.  In fact the...

The Tools of Your Forefathers

A dive into Horizon Zero Dawn and the theme of "forerunner technology" in gaming

Living in the Ruins of Past Glory

World building in games and in fiction have many similarities, but often have different objectives.

What to Do When Your Planet is Trying to Kill You

Kimberly Unger dives into her first post about science fiction in video games with a look at Anthem from Bioware, an MMO based on the concept of terraforming.