Star Trek Roundup
Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Star Trek: Specter. Slow burn Star Trek mystery animated movie with lots of physics and a very personal angle. (2) Star Trek: Retribution. Romulan-Human brink-of-war Star Trek animated movie. A sequel to Star Trek: Specter.

Fourth Annual PKD European SF Film Festival
The Fourth Annual Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival, which celebrates the talent of independent filmmakers and honors Philip K. Dick’s worldwide legacy, convenes at venues in Germany in late October and France in early November. The Philip

Remembering Babylon 5
Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Babylon 5: Planning (2) Babylon 5: Writing (3) Babylon 5: Characters (4) Babylon 5 showrunner on Harlan Ellison

Pixel Scroll 9/16/17 We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun, ‘Til Her Daddy Scrolls The Pixel Away.
PROOF AND REPROOF. David Brin, after congratulating N.K. Jemisin for her latest Hugo win, asks readers to predict what’s coming next in the sff genre, in “Perspectives from Science Fiction: Hugos and other marvels”. Oh and also, let’s celebrate

Up to the Minute
Curated by Carl Slaughter: From fans and reviewers, the latest about the latest. (1) Unlike the other Star Trek movies, which are pretty much self-contained stories, J.J. Abrams’ offering paid true homage to the franchise, if often with Easter eggs.

2017 Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize
The Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize, named for the late sff author, was awarded September 14. The winner is: Tim Ellis – Harklights (Note: When the shortlist was announced two weeks ago, the Ellis work had a different title, assuming

Pixel Scroll 9/15/17 Old Pixel’s Scroll Of Practical SJW Credentials
UPERSJW? The forthcoming issue of Action Comics is in the news — “Superman Protects Undocumented Workers From Armed White Supremacist in Latest Comic”. The Hollywood Reporter has the story. The moment in the book released Wednesday comes a week

A Game of Groans
By John Hertz (reprinted from Vanamonde 1254): In college I was a very popular and much-sought-after Poker player. There’s only one way to be a v.p.a.m.s.a. Poker player. Eventually I realized I could change this by studying the odds and

Vale, Cassini
NASA’s 20-year Cassini mission ended today when the probe was intentionally sent into the atmosphere of Saturn, destroyed to prevent any risk of contamination of the planet’s moons which will be studied in years to come. Telemetry received during the

Did You Miss Me?
Curated by Carl Slaughter: In case you missed these rather obscure television series. (And afterwards, check out our popular post on Threshold.) (1) Earth: Final Conflict (2) Starman (3) Project S.E.R.A. (4) Adult Wednesday Addams (5) Time Cop (6) Otherworld

2017 Forry Award
The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society voted the 2017 Forrest J Ackerman Award for Service to Science Fiction to author Greg Bear at its September 14 meeting. Bear’s work has won two Hugos and four Nebulas Awards, and many other

Judge Denies Key Motions for Summary Judgment In Comic-Con Infringement Suit
In his latest rulings on San Diego Comic-Con Inc.’s suit against Salt Lake Comic Con, a federal judge refused to grant summary judgment on the trademark infringement issue because some factual issues can only be resolved by a trial. However,

Pixel Scroll 9/14/17 I Grow Old, I Grow Old, I Shall Wear The Bacon On My Pixels Scrolled
BEFORE THEY WERE BORN. In the latest Young People Read Old SFF, James Davis Nicoll finds out what the panelists feel about an original Hugo winner, Eric Frank Russell’s “Allamagoosa”. Although British, Eric Frank Russell (January 6, 1905 –

Shape of Water Trailer and Analysis
Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water comes to theaters December 8. From master story teller, Guillermo del Toro, comes THE SHAPE OF WATER – an other-worldly fairy tale, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962.

2017 CanSMOF Scholarships
CanSMOF Inc. has announced the recipients of three scholarships given to aid fans attending SMOFcon 35 in Boston, a convention for conrunners. The first scholarship, open to a Canadian citizen or resident, was awarded to Amanda Brant of Winnipeg MB.

Sci-fi Literary Essay Roundup
Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Forbidden Planet and Shakespeare (2) Why Buckaroo Banzai is Today’s Most Important Superhero (3) Why Babylon 5 is awesome (4) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and daddy issues (5) Feminist / gay Trek (6) Golden

Pixel Scroll 9/13/17 Is That A Pixel On Your Screen, Or Are You Just Scrolled To See Me?
YOU CAN ORBIT BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE. Alex Parker likes to think Cassini’s dive into Saturn is payback for the dinosaur extinction event. A thread explaining his complicated theory starts here: So, the time has come. Everything is in

Another Shoe to Try On
By John Hertz: While reading a collection of writings by Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935; rhymes with “look”) I was struck by this passage (B. Bokser tr., Abraham Isaac Kook pp. 233-34, 1978; written 1919). The author is (literary present tense)

2015/2016 Sputnik Awards Progress Report
Jo Lindsay Walton writes to say the Sputnik Awards are almost fully gestated! Well, not in those words. In these words: Just wanted to let you know that we’re finally going to announce the winner of the Sputnik Award within

Pixel Scroll 9/12/17 There Are As Yet Insufficient Pixels For A Meaningful Scroll
ABRAMS BACK AT THE HELM. The Wrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven and Umberto Gonzalez, in “J.J. Abrams To Replace Colin Trevorrow on STAR WARS: EPISODE IX”, say that Disney says that Abrams has been signed to direct this Star Wars film

Heinlein Society Elections Affected by Unexpected Death of Jerry Pournelle
Results of The Heinlein Society’s board of directors elections were announced at its Annual Meeting, a phone-in teleconference held September 10. On the line were the 2017-2020 class of three seats on its nine-seat Board of Directors. An impressive 66.5% of

Review of Noah: Apocalypse
By Martin Morse Wooster: I’ve seen plays in a lot of odd places. But on September 11 I saw a dystopian play in a bar! The play was Noah: Apocalypse by Amanda Quain, which was held by Live Art DC

Downsizing Official Trailer
Downsizing stars Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz, Alec Baldwin, Neil Patrick Harris, Maribeth Monroe and Jason Sudeikis. Coming to theaters in December. Downsizing imagines what might happen if, as a solution to over-population, Norwegian scientists discover how to shrink

Pournelle Memorial Scheduled for 9/16
Jerry Pournelle’s public memorial service will be September 16. Four of the Pournelle children made a joint announcement on Facebook. Alex Pournelle also sent this statement to Chaos Manor subscribers: As you have probably heard, my father, Jerry, passed away

SFPA Picks 2017 Dwarf Stars Winner
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association has announced the 2017 Dwarf Stars winner and other top finishers. First Place “aster than the speed of lightf” by LeRoy Gorman Second Place “Lover” by Holly Day Third Place “Loss” by Sandi

Pixel Scroll 9/11/17 Can He Bake A Pixel Pie, Charming Mikey?
AFTER THE STORM. Yahoo! Lifestyle has collected tweets with photos of hurricane damage at DisneyWorld – and while there is some, it’s not too heavy. One of the street lights next to Doubloon Lagoon was blown down last night, …

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