AMAZING NEWS: 9-17-2017


A Reading List of women who wrote SF pre-1950s.  If you think it’s a short list, you better sit down! (via Gary Farber)

A lot of commentary on Jon del Arroz’s claims suggesting that men are getting shove out of SF writing (also via Gary Farber)

A Black Opinion on White Privilege (via Natalie Luhrs/Pretty Terrible)

Krugman on Celebrities who opine and then  get out of town


A cool collection of colorful covers, mostly macabre

(This coulda gone underSocial, but its just too rich for that category) Trump supporters attempt to boycott IT in response to Stephen King tweets.  Didn’t quite work out for them.

Hollywood’s most successful female director gets to do it all over again

Wonder Woman Bloopers

Get Your Funk On with the Astrobiologist Blues (via Mike Walsh)

Indie Film Waterdrop

Promo describes this “watching an intergalactic society evolving”;  it could also be a treatise on how not to do things in space

No Talking Squids Here


The Shape of Water wins Golden Lion Award (can you say “gill man”?)

The Conclusion of a detailed and interesting analysis of Forbidden Planet

SF Has Its Roots in Revolutionary Socialism

The Latest from Axanar

…and Rebuttal from Axamonitor

New Release: The Zero Curse


Farewell Cassini

If you want to know what your dog is thinking, you’ll need an MRI

James Webb Space Telescope Launching Soon


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