Forbidden Planet

AMAZING NEWS: 9-17-2017

Women in SF; men in SF; Cassini, Krugman, Valerian, the gill man, Space Telescopes, Forbidden Planet, Limbaugh, Wonder Woman and bluesy astrobiologists (my professor done told me….)

Review: The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers Daniel Graham Jr. Baen The Gatekeepers was a book I eyed for some time in Forbidden Planet before actually buying it, despite the extremely good cover. (Baen has a long history of excellent covers.) I thought the plot sounded fascinating and I have to admit that I enjoyed reading the book. At the […]

Special Effects, then and now

  When Forbidden Planet came back out way back in 1956, it was on the cutting edge of animation, and lots of people were talking about how it showed things on film which hadn’t been seen before. It’s the story of how explorers find a man shipwrecked on his planet with his daughter for years.  […]

What SF Means To Me

I grew up watching and reading Science Fiction.  Some of it was actually old by the time I had already been born, but it had a natural appeal to me when I was young.  The idea of getting in a starship and flying to another world appealed to me. A lot of the movies I […]