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Happy Indigenous People’s Day of 2018!

What better way to introduce you all to Indigenous People Day than to point you to this tweet from Rebecca Roanhorse – the first indigenous American person to win a Nebula for the short story Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (Apex), which would go on to win the Hugo Award as well.

“…here’s 5 Indigenous SFFH writers you should be reading.”

Cities across the US are ditching Columbus Day in favor of this more inclusive holiday, at an ever increasing pace.

For a bit more background, try this.

And to visit Rebecca, go here.

The history of indigenous peoples on the North American continent (South American too) is not a happy one by any means, but appears to be improving.  A recent listen of an interview on NPR with Dr. David Treuer, discussing his book The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee:  Native America From 1890 to the Present suggests this might be a good place to start learning.

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