AMAZING NEWS: 8/27/2017

Tributes to Brian Aldiss, Worldcon 75 aftermath, PKD anthology show, Near Earth Asteroid, Roy Krenkel art, authors speaking truth to power, nuclear zeppelins, more exoplanets and killer robots. What’s not to like?


Whedonesque Hypocrisy

Help Plame Buy Twitter So She Can Kick Trump Off 

Steal A Story Line from Ellison, and the Next Thing You Know, You’re Criticizing Wonder Woman

Prison is Like the World White Supremacists Want


Star Wars Toys You Never Got to Play With

Krenkel Tarzan Illo

Photos from Worldcon & Helsinki

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Anthology Show

Crossword for Daleks

It Does’n’t Get More Skiffy Than This

Steve Wright Takes On VD’s Throne of Bones (Special Donation Program:  Save your in flight barf bags and mail them to…)

Stephen King Gives Trump Some Advice

Best Review of 50 Shades We’ve Seen So Far

The Men Behind Amazing Stories

No Checkhov, they’re not “nuclear wessles”, they’re Nuclear ZEPPELINS


One Way to Make Worldcon Better

Worldcon 78:  New Zealand.  Get Your Pre-Supporting Membership

Commemorating Lovecrafts Birthday

The Irish Offensive

Aldiss on Science Fiction

More Aldiss

and More Aldiss


How Long Should a Story Be?

Author Talk:  Maria Alexander (via Todd Mason)


Don’t Stick Your Head Out the Window, This One Is Coming Close

Another Close Red Dwarf, Another Exoplanet

ISS Crew Grapples with Space Dragons

Deep Sky Survey Riddled with Black Holes

This is Why We Cant’ Have Fun Things:  Top Roboticists Call for Ban on Killbotsand This

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We’re very pleased to learn that one of our contributors – Steven H Silver (the period after the ‘H’ is silent) – publisher of Argentus, a long-running fanzine, regular contributor to the SF Site, Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer Hugo nominee, author and long-suffering (with a smile) perennial con-worker (he’s doing committee work for […]

From the In Box 4/19/13

Mather offers .99 cent deal on Cyberstorm Larry Tucker – Send Letters, Look for Tapes Matthew Mather, author of Cyberstorm, currently the number 1 novel in Amazon’s Techno-Thriller category, is on sale for a limited time for the low, low (low) price of 99 cents. You can order your copy here. ~~~ From File 770: […]

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