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“Se trata de evitar abusos, de evitar sexismo y racismo, no...

Los que estamos acostumbrados a los diviertidos Finncones, nos sentimos un poco decepcionados de que algunas cosas no funcionaran bien en la Worldcon. Me...

AMAZING NEWS: 8/27/2017

Tributes to Brian Aldiss, Worldcon 75 aftermath, PKD anthology show, Near Earth Asteroid, Roy Krenkel art, authors speaking truth to power, nuclear zeppelins, more exoplanets and killer robots. What's not to like?

Worldcon 75, Algunas Reflexiones /Worldcon 75, Some Thoughts (Bilingual Post)

An overview of some of the problems at this year's WorldCon in Helsinki.

Worldcon day 5 / Worldcon día 5

https://youtu.be/R2UO2pi7x68 (Actually this is the video in Spanish, next one is in English) https://youtu.be/lhjJTUZkyAg https://youtu.be/Q4z-4Cixr3w https://youtu.be/ffF_EMoXExg https://youtu.be/J1QFKub-0Fc https://youtu.be/YCxFyS8rNj8 https://youtu.be/2ue2JXqi_gI https://youtu.be/Tt9vhlkzi6Y https://youtu.be/ZTyqr7mas0Y https://youtu.be/_mxJUbxJOgo https://youtu.be/4PNX4MCvyoo https://youtu.be/dTWe6OPz4-Y https://youtu.be/Q2DqGhHFpZk Unfortunately I cannot put the video of the Closing ceremony, because Youtube said...

Worldcon day 3. HUGO TIME!!!!! Worldcon día 3: EL HUGO (Bilingual...

Video and images from day 3 of Worldcon 75

Worldcon day 4. Worldcon día 4 (bilingual post)

Video and images from day 4 of Worldcon 75

Wordcon day 2/día 2 (bilingual post)

Videos & pics from Worldcon 75! (Tanya confesses to being a bit overwhelmed)

Presencia hispanohablante en la WorldCon 2017

Happening in Helsinki! Tanya covers the beat.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Tanya Tynjala to Present Best Fan Writer Hugo

Amazing's Spansish Language Editor to present!