AMAZING NEWS: 3-19-2016

David A. Hardy rocks…and rolls, creationism coming to a school near you…Neil deGrasse Tyson gets pugilistic…more

Editorial Aside:  Many, many, many, many, many Fans are individuals who live on the edges of society.  As such, the Fan community will likely be disproportionately, and negatively, affected by many (most) of the policy proposals coming out of the Trump Administration.  Now is a good time for all of us to stay in touch, communicate and support each other during what are likely to be some very hard times for many of us.


ACLU Launches Nationwide Resistance Campaign

Workplace Genetic Testing on the Horizon

THIS is why the redistribution of wealth is a necessary component of a healthy democracy (and this is why the firebrands and pitchforks are being lit and sharpened….)

Texas Considering Teaching Creationism in Schools (oy…)


David A. Hardy Astro Art and

Astro Artist at Work:  David’s rendition and the actual launch for comparison (35 seconds in)

StarShipSofa Translations Week 1

AT-ATs Take Shape at Starwarsland

How Britain Conquered Space in the 50s (First Men in the Moon was a documentary….)

Terror Tales


Hidden Figures > Star Trek and X-Men

Oxford Comma Settles Labor Dispute

Paul Weimer Wins DUFF

Help Save Star Trek Wax Figures

New Release: The Zero Blessing


Interwebs Inventor Says We Are Doing It Wrong (well DUH!)

I think that I shall never see an Orion Nebula as lovely as thee

deGrasse Tyson throws down

Humpback Whales congregate in unusual numbers (Eywa callng?)

Radio Bursts Might Be ET

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  1. Purely out of curiosity, precisely what policies do you think will be effecting us so badly. Now, I should state upfront I’m not exactly a fan of President Trump, but I really think the media blows what he does waaaay out of proportion. So, are there any examples you could give me?

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