a description of the organization by John Thiel, chairman of the Board of Directors

The National Fantasy Fan Federation, established in 1941, is the world’s oldest and largest science fiction organization.

It was a correspondence organization with no national or state headquarters. Its supporters offered many services to its members, regulated by those governing the organization, who were changed from year to year, with a historian keeping track.

Its purpose was to bring about a more unified science fiction fandom and to offer ideas for science fiction fan activity. Its bureaus included a writers bureau, a correspondence bureau, a fanzine bureau, a trading bureau, a conventions bureau, and other such bureaus as the organization evolved.

As the present century approached, the NFFF developed an electronic presence and is presently online with an online membership and Facebook presence, and has other computer activities. Occasionally the organization augments fandom activities and projects.

Membership in this organization is open to anyone. Nothing is required of those joining it; they may remain inactive and find benefit in the four fanzines presently being produced and circulated among the membership:


However, for those desiring activity, there is a correspondence bureau circulating chain letters for discussions of science fiction and fantasy among the membership, a games bureau for games involving science fiction and fantasy, a writers bureau which helps writers with their manuscripts, and a fanzine in which to discuss the organization and science fiction and fandom in general. Members are kept up-to-date on current science fiction and fantasy, and resources are made known. The Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau helps improve relations between readers and writers and brings news of happenings in science fiction and fantasy.

The policy of the NFFF is that fans of science fiction and fantasy can have a much more rewarding literary experience if they become active, and members are helped to do so when they wish.

Those interested in the NFFF will find further information about it at their computer site, where a membership form is available. See https://n3f.org . See also the Wikipedia entry for a further description of the history of the NFFF.

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