Halloween As It Should Be!

There’s been a lot of bad press lately concerning costumes, especially evil clowns lurking and luring children. But Halloween is the time of year in which our kind, the geekdom, usually flourish. As evidenced at comic cons and expos all over the globe, a lot of us enjoy getting all dressed up as our favorite characters from whatever genre we love.


Now, as I learned in an Anthropology course on folklore and traditions, Halloween is believed to have originated in Celtic harvest festivals – which may have pagan roots – especially the Gaelic festive of Samhain (pronounced saw-whin – or something close to it). Halloween activities include a myriad of merrymaking, including: decorating, jack-o-lanterns, bonfires, games, pranks, haunted houses and the like. Of course, one of the more popular traditions of All Hallows’ Eve is dressing up in costumes, especially for trick-or-treating.

Costumes from Days Gone By

I’ve gathered from the internet and friends, some prime examples of Halloween costumes over the years. This first set of photos are from days past, when costumes were largely homemade and tended to be quite creepy, if not downright disturbing. Enjoy!

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More Recent Costumes

And just so you won’t blame me for your nightmares, here is a collection of photographs of parenting done right for Halloween. Again, enjoy them; I know I did finding them.

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

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