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Where does real life imitate the fantastic? This week Steve checks in with Steve Carell and Mark Hogancamp for the answer.

On Zero Drafts

Thoughts on gettting past an obsession with word count.

What if there’s a Mirror in Space

A bit of fantasy in a science fiction setting.

Geek Ink

Getting "Ginked" - the fine art of genre tattooing.

Hacia una antología internacional fantástica neoindigenista

Call for submissions for an anthology of Spanish neo-indigenous speculative fiction.

The Power of the Written Word.

"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it...

Poesía Visual Mexicana

An account of research into Visual Poetry in Spanish countries.

Escribir como Jugando: Entrevista a El Libro del Escritor

Jose Molina and Meritxell Terrón have created The Book of the Writer, a Web site with resources and a social hub for Spanish speaking people who would like to learn more about their craft or interact with other writers.

Halloween As It Should Be!

One week before Halloween, Terence Jackson shares shares images of costumes old and new.

Psychopompos is a Beautiful Student Film, Based on a Poem by...

a character who helps people after their death to transcend the human body and migrate their souls

Creative Space III, the finale

An artist describes the space required for her various media projects.


A Book Review and a Magazine Review and a TV Review and an Exhibition Notice! Whoa! Lots going on in this week's column by Steve! (And what's with all the caps?)

The Retro Look and Stranger Things

Designer M. D. Jackson defends the visual style of the Netflix series Stranger Things, saying that its retro 80s look is a deliberate homage.

On Ecology, Women and Science Fiction: Part 1, Gnosis

Science fiction author and limnologist Nina Monteanu writes about changes in the genre, which she sees as changes in the way individuals interact with each other and the natural world.

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! or Just a Humour Writer in a Science...

I told my psychiatrist everyone hates humorous SF. He said I was being ridiculous; everyone hasn't read humorous SF...

The Metal Flowers: A Steampunk Arts DIY Session

Shanghai goes steampunk

Eternal Frankenstein: A Mary Shelley Tribute Anthology

The Eternal Frankenstein is coming

Creative Space Part II

Finding the right space to create is not as easy as it might sound. Especially if you've got a "Rudie".

SF and F Scribes, Scribblers – and Scrivener

Writing tools for writers: Dodd's and friends take a look at Scrivener.

Do Not Disturb! Creativity in Progress

You people! Can't you see that there is an artist at work!?!

An Interview With Renowned Music Composer: Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows...

an interview with composer and game director AkiraYamaoka

Can you Hear Me, Major Tom?: The Death of David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust has gone back to Mars. Major Tom can't hear us anymore.

More Star Wars Art Because… STAR WARS!

Pulp inspired Star Wars and then, Star Wars inspired pulp!

All the good things.

Angi puts a different spin on Thanksgiving thanks.

We’re All Ed Wood Now

Ed Wood: No one would know who he was if were making films today.

Cosplay vs. Inspirations, Side-by-side Comparisons

Being a member of several groups that enjoy cosplay, costuming, etc., does give access to a world of lively discussions. One recent discussion which...


Steve jumps around a lot this week, from VCON to Steampunk Fashion Jewelry to the Philip K. Dick Bookbundle, and back again to Ed Howdershelt!

Rituals and Habituals: Setting the Mood for Creativity.

Set the controls for the heart of creativity!

Black and White: No Room for Gray Shades

Early science fiction and fantasy magazines of the twentieth century, of which Amazing Stories was chief, employed artists for their interior illustrations who could produce images of great variety using only ink applied to paper.