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Halloween As It Should Be!

One week before Halloween, Terence Jackson shares shares images of costumes old and new.

Ken Barr: 1933 – 2016

Ken Barr, cover and comic artist: 1933 - 2016

Ken Kelly: An Artist I Can Trust

Ken Kelly: NOT a Frazetta wannabe, as Mr. Jackson is quick to point out

Vampirella: Character or Commodity?

Do we need an excuse to look at images of Vampirella?

Wishing You A Very Dark Christmas…

J. Simpson has a different view of how we all ought to celebrate Christmas....

Monsters, super-heroes and conspiracy theories

Throughout his career as a comic book scripter, Doug Moench has moved effortlessly between genres and fictional universes.

Diggin’ The Crates

There is a term in rap/hip-hop culture called Crate Digging. It means endlessly trawling through classic funk, soul & every other kind of record...