Celebrate Brian Aldiss’ 90th Birthday

aldiss-brianThe good folks at Open Road Media have ten autographed copies of Brian Aldiss’s novel Finches of Mars that they are giving away on SF Signal to help celebrate the Grandmaster’s 9th decade on planet Earth.

Anyone who makes it to 90 deserves some praise and recognition, even if only for having managed to endure the human condition for 2,838,240,000 seconds (which is a long time when dealing with humans), but considering all that Brian has done over the years for the rest of us, he deserves a lot more than casual praise.

What’s Brian done? Oh, how about novels like: Hothouse, Barefoot in the Head, Frankenstein Unbound, or one of the best annual best of anthology series edited with Harry Harrison, or one of the most comprehensive critiques of the genre in Billion (now Trillion) Year Spree?

We’ve not even gotten going on that score.  (SF Encyclopedia;  Internet SF Database)

Join the celebration over at SF SIgnal!


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