EXCERPT: Altered by Dianne Lynn Gardner

An excerpt from Dianne Lynn Gardner’s YA tale of a dystopian future in which everyone may be a GMO experiment.

alteredWith a passion for teens, Dianne Lynn Gardner dives into their world with her young adult fantasy novels. She is both a best selling author and an award winning illustrator who lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Mother of seven and grandmother of 16, Dianne wants to make sure that the teens she knows have wholesome and healthy books that ignite imaginations, strengthen friendships, spur courage and applaud honor. Though she targets her stories for young adults, her books are enjoyed by all ages.

Besides Deception Peak, book I of the Ian’s Realm Saga, other works include Dragon Shield, Rubies and Robbers, A Tale of the Four Wizards series, Diary of a Conjurer, and Cassandra’s Castle, all of which will be published in the near future by Rara Avis, an imprint of PDMI Publishing.

New from Master Koda Select Publishing, is a young adult dystopian novel Altered.

From Master Koda Select: In a dystopian future, the Privatol invades American soil, and crops propel the engine. Uncontrollable tyranny has succeeded in dictating where people live, what they do, and what they eat. When Abree, a spunky twelve-year-old is taken away to learn the process of modifying seed to Newly Constructed Food she discovers an evil plan that could alter the fate of the human race, and a way out if only she can escape to tell the others.

When the three came to a junction, Nam stopped. “You know the process, Lab 042. Inform 067 what she needs to know.” He looked over his shoulder, giving Jaden a stern glare. “And only what she needs to know.”
Jaden nodded. “Yes, sir.”
Nam left them, jogging quickly back the way they had come. Once he was out of sight, Jaden smiled. “Let’s go inside.”
“I hope there aren’t any more freaks like him in this place,” Abree said.
“Nam is a cranky sort, but I assume he’s from a bad seed.” Jaden turned the latch and pushed.
“A bad seed?”
“Sometimes the experiments don’t always work.”
“Experiments? Nam is an experiment?”
“Of sorts,” he looked at her and grimaced. “So are we. Of sorts.”

From Dianne Lynn Gardner: Altered was written in response to the growing conflict over GMOs and the world’s food supply. Questioning the safety of altered food and pesticides, I chose to take the crisis one step further. What if the food we ate were being used to change people’s minds, bodies and emotions, and for a sinister purpose? In a middle class neighborhood an ordinary family is torn apart and a twelve-year-old girl is forced to take on a burden she should not have to bear.  This modern tale is woven together with threads of ancient Hopi legend and Mesoamerican myth.

Altered is available at Master Koda Select Publishing and on Amazon

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