Amazing Stories seeking guest editorials.

No editorials the past two weeks…and none today.

Hey! What’s going on Steve?

Despite our otherwise well demonstrated sense of good taste we’ve come to enjoy (or at least tolerate) your rambling, aside-laden missives, twisted observations and occasional missteps and stumbles. Even the court jester gets it right every once and a while, right? You know, like a broken clock?

It’s this way, folks. Well actually it’s this several ways….

Family matters have greatly impacted my time of late.

Also, my wife suggested that I was, perhaps, spending a bit too much time obsessing over Amazing Stories and that I really needed to spend some time doing other things – like spending time with her and Bo the Wonderdog (I hasten to add that this was not a whine, but part of a regular dialogue about our relationship. I also hasten to add that she never mentioned Bo. 🙂 )

We decided that Saturdays would be a ‘no-site’ day. Of course this means pushing the prep work for Saturdays back to Fridays, which of course means…more work on Fridays….

And I’ve decided that I want to get a little more in-depth with my editorializing, which requires more time in the research and the writing.

Of course the short and pithy, non-rambling way of stating the foregoing would have been to note that I am very busy and may not be writing an editorial every week. Putting things that way would have saved me the time devoted to all of the above, including this paragraph. But where’s the fun to be had with short and pithy?

So, in addition to stating that I most likely will not be writing an editorial every week, I will also note that this opens things up for other folks, since I’ve no objection to making this space available for guest editorials.

If you’ve got a rant, or an observation, or a position you want to press, feel free to use this space.  I’ll be happy to review new or previously published material, from across our community’s increasingly divided political spectrum.

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