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People of Color in European History – as depicted through the art of the ages.

People of Color in European Art History.

tumblr_n6cso0mXfE1ssmm02o1_500This site was recently brought to my attention by several different on-going kerfuffles within our community.  It’s used frequently as a resource to illustrate that white europeans were not the only europeans, and as a counter to those who claim (or seem to imply) that the entirety of western history and culture was a mono-chrome culture.

Referencing this site reminds us that the diversity many are seeking to encourage within the field is a return to the way things used to be, rather than an intrusion.

The collected images are quite comprehensive, quite stunning and certainly revealing, as they depict people of color from the 1100s on (earlier too) in a variety of roles, stations and themes.

It’s quite educational and informative and just might open a few eyes.

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ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

For those not greatly familiar with the Grand Master and perhaps a bit curious following a recent review of one of his novels, we present the ultimate resource – The Heinlein Society website. Go take a look – regardless of your own feelings about the author, it may just give you even more reasons to get hepped up.

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