Movie Review: Gravity

Review of Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock.

original-1I was holding out for the IMAX for Gravity and then gave in and went for a regular screening and I’m glad I did or otherwise I would have been feeling a tad sick from all of the spinning that happens in the film.

I’ve heard that this film is tipped for Oscars, hopefully being the first sci-fi film to win a best picture Academy Award, and I can see why. It is truly an amazing visual experience as is the performance by Sandra Bullock. To me, this film is the new Cast Away. Focusing on one person, stuck on their own after they have been hit by a disaster and she needs to find a way home…with everything going wrong. But instead of getting home from a desert island, she needs to get home from space.

I was on the edge of my seat pretty much from the start until the very last scene of this film. Not only that, but I had to stop myself from shouting at the screen. The only thing I would say is that I was expecting it to be co-starring George Clooney, but he’s more of an extra in this film, wouldn’t even give him a supporting actor title.

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