LoneStarCon3 – the 71st Worldcon – Photo Gallery

Amazing Stories had a few of its blog team members attending this year’s Worldcon – Steven H Silver, Jane Frank, Jack Clemons, John Purcell, Chris Garcia, R. K. Troughton, Keith West and Robert Koenn.

Several of them were panelists, in charge of various special activities at the con and/or even Hugo Nominees!

R. K. Troughton was Amazing’s official reporter for the convention and he dragged along his friend Shawn McConnell, photographer, to take the official snaps for us.

Below, a picture gallery from LoneStarCon 3, images courtesy of Shawn McConnell and Jane Frank (who tried to get a photo of all of our other representatives but – fans at Worldcon!)

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  1. Missed out on meeting and talking with Jane Frank, Jack Clemons, R. K. Troughton, Keith West, and Robert Koenn. I did, though, see someone with a name badge reading “Keith West,” but that was only in passing through the main Exhibit Hall. Everything was spread out over a LARGE area, and that does not include the meeting rooms over in the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. Overall, a successful convention with some reservations. My next blog entry will be a “review” of LoneStarCon 3.

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