AMAZING NEWS: November 25th, 2018

Thought for the Week:  With so much Star Trek going on, maybe we’re the Thermians


Gratuitous Robot Deaths

China Goes Black Mirrior with social experiment; fans question 2023 Chinese Worldcon Bid (scroll down to item 5, then visit the comments)  (Info on China Worldcon bid)

Julie Doucet, Queen of Underground Comix 

You Know All Those Missionary & Cannibal Jokes?  They Just Got Real

SAGA Distribution at Indian Comiccon Causes Controversy

Information Wants to be Free:  Cloud-Based Access for Researchers

Netflix Settles with Baphomet


Luke wants to know “who’s your Mommy?”

Disney’s Star Wars Rides Sneak Peak  (they got off cheap if the Millennium Falcon ride ends with the failure of the jump to lightspeed every time….)

Paul Levinson Reads an Amazing Stories story at Philcon

If Mamoa does it for you, you may want to watch this Aquaman trailer in private

The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo

Chabon Working on Picard Trek Series

No Big Surprise  Nuke Launches Shut Down Fallout Server (What, no one ever heard of an EMP?)

No, I will NOT put lights in my beard for X-Mas..  On the other hand, great tool for Cosplayers

Bisexual Bad Guys are a thing, according to SyFy

Apparently We Should Love Us Some She Ra

Star Trek Khan Miniseries (see above under Thought for the Week)

A Sci Fi Desktop App

A Sabrina Breakdown with Questions


Betsy Wollheim Bids Farewell to Her Awesome Office

Still more Stan Lee Tributes

Weinberg Estate Auction to be Held at Windy City Pulp & Paper Con

New Release:  The Science Fiction Fanzine Reader (1930-1960)

Worldcon Demographics Report

Unconventional Conventions List on SyFy (as usual, the article is dated and inaccurate.) (And no RHPS mention to boot)

SF Films as Moral Lessons for Silicon Valley

SF Lit as Tech Ethics Education

A Review of Pratchett’s Equal Rights

A Paean to The Last Unicorn

B&N’s Favorite F&SF From 2018

Most Memorable SF Voice Overs


Tomorrow InSight Lands on Mars

Robot Caregivers run out of juice, just like their human counterparts

AI Can Now Complete Your Thoughts (“OK.  I will destroy humans.”)

Millions of tiny fish once thought to be the ocean’s floor

3 Degrees of Warming by 2100  (I’ll say it again:  ALL of those climate change books & movies got it right when they predicted faster change than research suggested.  Just wait until the conveyor shuts down.)

Bill Nye, the Mars Colony Denying Guy

Meme  Poster  Lewis Black on Flat Earthers (you can substitute just about any wacky doodle in the text)

Ion Engine for Airplanes (It Has Successfully Flown)

Why Doesn’t the Universe Make Sense?  These scientists talk about it

Are You Getting as Tired of the Fermi Paradox as I am?


Amazing Stories Subscriptions

Star Trek Crew Jackets

Kirkus Best Buys

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