Origins Awards 2019 Nominees
The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design released the Origins Award 2019 nominees on May 1. AAGAD presents the Origins Awards to companies for outstanding games in the hobby industry. Members of the Academy vote on each category. The winner

2019 Munsey Award Nominees
The PulpFest Organizing Committee has announced the fifteen 2019 Munsey Award nominees. Named for Frank A. Munsey, publisher of the first pulp magazine, the award recognizes someone who has contributed to the betterment of the pulp community through disseminating knowledge,

2019 Nommo Nominations Longlist
The African Speculative Fiction Society has released the 2019 longlist for the Nommo Awards for African Speculative Fiction. The African Speculative Fiction Society, composed of professional and semiprofessional African writers, editors, publishers, graphic artists and film makers, was founded in

Pixel Scroll 5/4/19 Pixellation Of The Scroll Nation
MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. John Stratman posted a 16-bit “Super Nintendo inspired version of the trailer for Star Wars Episode 9.” SYFY Wire explains — His awesome contribution to May The 4th is a sly homage to old-school 16-bit

Honey Mixed With Aloes
By John Hertz: (some of this appeared in No Direction Home 8-9) As a Philosophy major I’d liked Will Durant’s 1926 Story of Philosophy. I might have read his magnum opus, The Story of Civilization, had he called it The

2018 Aurealis Awards
The winners of the 2018 Aurealis Awards were announced at a ceremony in Melbourne on Saturday May 4. The award recognizes the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. 2018 Aurealis Awards BEST CHILDREN’S FICTION The Endsister, Penni

Best of British SF 2018 Table of Contents
Newcon Press has announced the contents for Best of British Science Fiction 2018 edited by Donna Scott. The book, with cover art by Les Edwards, will be released August 21 and is available for preorder. Full contents: Introduction by Donna

Pixel Scroll 5/3/19 Who You Gonna Scroll? Ghostpixels!
CLEANUP ON SPACE AISLE ONE. Daniel Dern gives NASA’s news a sff perspective: “In Space, Nobody Picks Up Your Trash: NASA Recycling in Space Award Winners” at Earth911. …According to NASA, “The three winners brought a variety of approaches

Free Comic Book Day 5/4
May 4 is Free Comic Book Day, when 2,300+ participating comic book stores across North America and the world will be giving away comic books to visitors in their shops. Use the locator on the website to search for a

Dublin 2019 Attending Membership Rates Will Rise on May 6
On May 6, 2019, membership rates will rise for Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. The rates from that date will be as follows: Full Adult Attending membership rates rise to €260 from €235 Irish First Worldcon rates, for adults

Tähtivaeltaja Award 2019
The Tähtivaeltaja (“Star Rover”) Award winner was posted on May 2. The award, given by the Helsinki Science Fiction Society, goes to the best science fiction book published in Finland in the previous year. Johannes Anyuru: He hukkuvat äitiensä kyyneliin

Australian Shadows Awards 2018 Finalists
On May 2 the Australasian Horror Writers Association announced the shortlists for the Australian Shadows Awards 2018. The juried award is given in seven categories for work by an Australasian author that has horror/dark fiction content either as a focal

Pixel Scroll 5/2/19 Good Night, Scroll
FRAZETTA ON THE BLOCK. Bids are being taken for another 13 days on Frank Frazettas’s Egyptian Queen painting (1969). The price is already up to $2.2M, and Heritage Auctions thinks it could ultimately go for $5M. For a man

2018 Shirley Jackson Awards Nominees
The nominees for the 2018 Shirley Jackson Awards were announced May 2. The awards are given for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic. They are voted upon by a jury of professional writers,

Pixel Scroll 5/1/19 The Pixel That Can Be Scrolled Is Not The True Pixel
FUTURE TENSE. This month’s entry in the Future Tense Fiction series is “The Song Between Worlds” by Indra Das, author of the award-winning novel The Devourers. Each month, Future Tense Fiction—a series of short stories from Future Tense and

Wandering Through the Public Domain #12
A regular exploration of public domain genre works available through Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Librivox. By Colleen McMahon:I was looking up some authors recently mentioned in the birthday lists when things took a fascinating turn and I ended up

Top 10 Posts for April 2019
People mourning the death of Vonda McIntyre followed social media links from all over to read File 770’s reminiscence and Tom Whitmore’s official obituary (with its exceptional, full account of her career.) The Hugo nominee announcement understandably took a backseat

Pixel Scroll 4/30/19 Pixel My Blue Suede Scrolls
WEIGHING IN ON THE TOLKIEN MOVIE. In the Catholic Herald, Fr. Michael Ward’s verdict is that “This Tolkien biopic is woefully unconvincing”. …This handsome, earnest, yet overstuffed and poorly paced film deviates frequently from the historical record. Most seriously,

17th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards
The winners of the 17th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were announced April 30. The awards are named after Rondo Hatton, an obscure B-movie villain of the 1940s, and “honor the best in classic horror research, creativity and film

My Doubly SF-Adjacent Day: Astronaut and Torah, Bendis
By Daniel Dern: On Thursday, November 8, I had the rare pleasure of going to two SF-adjacent events. (They were also similarly adjacent in two other ways.) In the morning, I went to see former astronaut Jeff Hoffman talk about

Pixel Scroll 4/29/19 The Task Of Filling Up This Scroll I’d Rather Leave To You
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Ian Sales’ “Top five science fiction films” is a good post made even more interesting by the choice of John Carter (2012) as one of the five – not a movie many viewers would pick. I

Uncanny Magazine Issue 28 Launches 5/7
The 28th issue Uncanny Magazine will be available on May 7. Hugo Award-winning Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to present the 28th issue of their 2016, 2017, and 2018 Hugo Award-winning online science fiction and fantasy magazine. As

Imagining Deep Past: A Guest Post by Eugene Linden
By Eugene Linden: My novel, Deep Past, is a hybrid of sorts, with feet (if books can be said to have feet) in both the science fiction and thriller genres. The novel grew out of a thought experiment, which in

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