AMAZING NEWS Revenge of the Fifth Edition 5/5/19

The first actor considered to play Spock will surprise you (if you watched 60s sitcoms); Chinese Moon Base; Cons and Measles; Gamergate and anti-semitism, even paintball gets in the genre mix this week!


Election Disinformation Campaign Already Well Under Way

Brianna Wu for Congress – and – Brianna on Gamergate, 4chan, 8chan, FBI inaction and Synagogue Shootings

Taiwanese Man Beaten for Revealing End Game Spoilers (come on people;  we’re supposed to limit our protests to light saber fights at 20 meters)

These Are Your Congressional Climate Change Deniers

8Chan and Radicalization


Giving the ‘Buck Rogers’ Treatment to a Paintball Gun

(yes, more paintball) Firefly Theme for a Paintball Scenario Game

New Scottie to Adapt Epic Fantasy

Thor’s Fat Shaming – Audiences aren’t happy

TAFF – Free Books (Fan History)

Black Widow and Thor Trade Insults

Peter Mayhew RIP

Fan Video Tribute to Tanya Tynjala’s La Ciudad de Nictalopes Novel

Goober Actor Chosen to Play Spock.  Goober?!?


Congoers – Time for that Measles Talk

EUs New Copyright Rules could help content creators

Economics in a Science Fiction Future

SFRevu Releases a ton of new reviews

Multiple Reviews of Heinlein Collated in UK’s SFDigest from the 80s

Turkish Garbage Collectors Know What IS and what is NOT Garbage.  New Library Proves It


Apollo 11 Lunar Ascent Module in Lunar Orbit

Apollo 10 Lunar Module Found in Orbit – Planning for Future Recovery and Return to Earth! (This is VERY Cool!)

We ALL Have New Neurons!!!  (New type of brain cell identified)

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch + TRIPLE Landing – SPECTACULAR!

China Plans a Moonbase (Won’t Be Built Over a Nuclear Waste Dump)

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