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Lee Billings (1956-2018)
By JJ: Originally part of Nashville fandom, Lee Billings was a member of the Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society, active in club events, part of the lively community at alt.callahans on Usenet, and participating in conventions all over the country. A

Pixel Scroll 11/18/18 Concentrate And Scroll Again
PETER BEAGLE’S UNICORN. The Atlantic celebrates 50 years in print for The Last Unicorn, “One of the Best Fantasy Novels Ever Is Nothing Like The Lord of the Rings“. Beagle frequently subverts fantasy tropes. Prince Lir tries to win

Arisia Inc. Posts Apology and Announces More Bans and Restrictions
In an Apology To The Arisia Community posted November 23, the corporation broadly apologized for a large number of enumerated failings, and also announced that it has banned three people and restricted the participation of eight others, with more action

Pixel Scroll 11/24/18 Haikuna Pixelata! Or Cest La Scroll, As The French Would Say
DOCTOR WHO AT DUBLIN 2019 BLOG. Nicholas Whyte explains why it’s a challenge to write about “Doctor Who in Ireland”, then fannishly does so anyway — 23 November 2018 marks the 55th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor

Pixel Scroll 11/23/18 Have Fun Scrolling The Pixel!
REAL LIFE RULES. Aliette de Bodard has come forward with her own rules for writing. Thread starts here. 5. It is not selfish to want to write6. Try not to postpone the writing to the end of the evening

Cats Sleep on SFF: The Martian Named Smith
Chris M. Barkley adds a volume to our feline library — My cat, MissJackson, was named by my daughter Laura and given to me a newly weaned kitten more than ten years ago. As you can see, she is a

2019 TAFF Candidates Announced
Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund administrators John Purcell and Johan Anglemark have announced the four candidates to become TAFF delegate to the 2019 Worldcon: Teresa Cochran Sarah Gulde Mike Lowrey Geri Sullivan Voting on 2019 eastbound TAFF race begins December 1 and

Pixel Scroll 11/22/18 Obie, I Don’t Think I Can Pick Up The Pixels With These Handcuffs On
An abbreviated Scroll, partly because of the family gathering today, and partly because my energy is drained by the proverbial flu-like symptoms…. (1) GRRM ON COLBERT. George R.R. Martin visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new

Pixel Scroll 11/21/18 Never Pixel Or Scrollardy. Never Click Up, Never File In
WORLD FANTASY CON. After Silvia Moreno-Garcia criticized WFC 2019 for announcing an all-white guest slate, the concom’s answer did not allay complaints. And the World Fantasy Convention Board’s answer to a letter she sent them has only fanned the

Cats Sleep on SFF: Apollo 8
Here’s a cat determined to balance the books…. Matt Barr says: You’ve featured Miranda before, not quite sleeping on The Dispossessed. I got this shot of her tonight sleeping on some science fact. Thought you might enjoy! Photos of other

Pixel Scroll 11/20/18 Maybe The Real File Was The Pixels We Scrolled On The Way
BACK TO BACK. The Hollywood Reporter asked, the fans answered: “Which Movie Franchise Should Return? ‘Back to the Future’ Tops New Poll”. They don’t care that director Robert Zemeckis declared three years ago that he would try to block

Academy Opens Up Process for Nobel Prize for Literature
By Karl-Johan Norén: The questions about the Nobel Prize in literature and its awarding body—the Swedish Academy—are still very much ongoing, but yesterday it was announced that the Academy would change its process for the preparatory work. Instead of a

Diversity, if we can face it
By John Hertz: (reprinted from Vanamonde 1327; originally published 14 Nov 18) Fred Patten (1940-2018) was a gentle giant. In APA-L with him we saw this. His Lzine ¡Rábanos Radiactivos! (“Radioactive radishes!”, an expletive of Profesor Mental in the Mexican

Pixel Scroll 11/19/18 It’s Credentials All The Way Down
WHEN VACUUBOT RUNS AMOK. John Scalzi shares the fun – “A Thanksgiving Week Gift for You: ‘Automated Customer Service’”. To show my appreciation for you, my readers, here’s a short story I wrote to read aloud while I was touring

2019 International DUBLIN Literary Award Longlist
There are many genre novels among the 141 books longlisted for the 2019 International DUBLIN Literary Award, the world’s most valuable annual literary prize for a single work of fiction published in English. They include books by Omar ElAkkad, N.K.

Once Upon A Deadpool Official Trailer
When Once Upon A Deadpool, a cleaned-up version of Deadpool 2, hits theaters next month a charity will get a cut of the profits. On December 12, Deadpool 2 is back in theaters with zero F’s given To kick off

2018 Gamers’ Choice Awards Nominees
By Mike Kennedy: has a list of nominees for the publicly-voted Gamers’ Choice Awards (“CBS To Air Fan-Voted ‘Gamers’ Choice Awards’ Next Month”) for video games. CBS/CBS Sports Network will broadcast the ceremony December 9. Voting (registration required) is at . The innumerable nominees follow the jump:

Sci-Fi News and Analysis Roundup 11/19
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: The real reason Deadpool eliminated most of X Force 10 Things only adults would notice about Thor: Ragnarok More items follow the jump. Deadpool deleted scenes Why Back to the Future will never get

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