AMAZING NEWS: 10/12/23

Today’s news is sponsored by Cents of Wonder: Science Fiction’s First Award Winners, and anthology of the first SF stories to win Amazing Stories and Science Wonder Stories writing prizes, with commentary and illustrations.

Nominations for 2023 Chesley Awards Close Today (Vote here)

Latest FANAC Zoom:  APAs Everywhere Scheduled for 12/9

Steven Barnes shares an unusual book layout

Advice for graduates:  How to spot an idiot.

Are “Nasty Superheroes” affecting the MCU?

Something you probably already suspected:  Starfish bodies are just heads.

Frank Wu posts some free fiction:  Poison

Jay Sizemore receives Writer’s Digest Award for Best Self-publihsed Poetry Book

Arthur Sellers points out that independent media might not be so independent

Video from the first Dutch SF television show, from the 50s, turns up on YouTube, with the ominous title:  Tomorrow It Will Happen

Indonesian pyramid much older than originally believed: may have been built at least 16,000 years ago

Now you know why 50’s SF didn’t need computers:  They had Swift’s Space Travel Guide

Regina Kanyu Wang has a couple of new publications out:  A short story A Record of Lost Time  and World Science Fiction Frontier 1/2023 (the latter Chinese only)

Nnedi Okorafor awarded Arthur Clarke Foundation’s Award for Imagination in Service to Society

Heliosphere announces 2024 Guests

Charlie Stross, from a talk delivered at Next Frontiers Applied Fiction Day in Stuttgart German, says the future is marketing tool

THE most anticipated cartoon movie has been shelved:  Coyote Vs Acme

Michael Whelan interviewed for NY Times article “What Happens to Illustrators When Robots Can Draw?”

“Monster” Galaxy captured by Webb

Samuel Delany shares an excellent piece on Judith Merrill

More Nnedi:  A free read from Lightspeed Magazine:  Stones

Add Euclid to your space telescope inventory

Lucy asteroid flyby reveals some unexpected details

Israel shoots down Houthi missile in first “Space War”

AI Predicts Doomsday

Cosmic “Happy Holidays Tree” captured by Webb

Italian super volcano showing disturbing signs

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