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Review: Dragon Heart by Cecelia Holland

The novel Dragon Heart by Cecelia Holland has the charm of a fairy-tale and the edge of a dark fantasy as it takes readers in many unexpected directions.

Review: The Mechanikals by John Dodds

The Mechanikals by John Dodds is the first installment in a new YA Steampunk series. It is a strong beginning to an absorbing and entertaining world of wonder.

MORE ON THE RAH FRONT: Robert A. Heinlein, continued

Alexei Panshin is a well-known critic/reviewer of Heinlein and his works

Heinlein’s YA Novels From Scribners and Other Things, continued

Heinlein's YA (Juvenile) work is still generating praise and controversy.

A Sentimental (Science Fiction) Education

Much as I loved Heinlein’s juveniles (Podkayne of Mars, Farmer in the Sky, etc) I became obsessed with Simak. The Way Station stories blew me away, and City was, and probably still is, one of my top ten favourite science fiction novels.

Book Review: Vicious, by V.E. Schwab

V.E. (Victoria) Schwab’s people are called EO, for ExtraOrdinary people; people with something extra. These abilities are not genetic, nor are they the result of spilled chemicals (The Flash), extraterrestrial birth (Superman) or encounters with supernatural forces (The Mask); EOs gain their powers by an unfortunate encounter with mortality.