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Novedades de enero

Bolivian anthology series Supernova releases the third edition, Editorial Cthulhu has published his third anthology: “HORROR QUEER, Rosarium Publisher announces 2018 plans; magazines, events and more

Review: Grimdark Magazine #1

I confess I only had a general idea of what the term “grimdark” meant before reading the first edition of Grimdark Magazine, which enshrines its precepts in the form of short stories, author interviews and reviews. This first foray also conveniently provides definitions, in an essay by Layla Cummins and in the words of one […]

Review: The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft

I am still slogging my way through the complete works of HP Lovecraft. My Kindle tells me I am 28% done, of course that doesn’t count all of the stories I already have read, but just haven’t reached yet in the collection. Nevertheless, I decided to take a break from my book pile and review […]


Yesterday, the nominations for the 2013 Hugo Awards (which will be presented at LoneStarCon 3 later this year) were announced live at several conventions and posted to to the official Hugo Awards website (where the information below was obtained).  See my commentary at the end. Best Novel (1113 nominating ballots cast) 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson […]

The Long and the Short Of It

So you’ve got this great idea bouncing around in your head. It’s been following you around for a while now. You’ve worked out a few details, maybe sketched a basic outline, and now it’s time to actually sit down and write a story. Will it be a snappy short or an epic novel? I’ve often […]