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They’re Back: Pets in Space® Returns!#PetsInSpace #amreading

Pets in Space® 4 features thirteen stories by award-winning, bestselling authors and some of the hottest names in SFR

Action Packed New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

A new entry in Anna Hackett's Eon series. Hijacking an alien warship might not be such a good idea.... Shooting your hot alien warrior protector might also not be such a good idea, but it happens in Leslie Chase's Torran, a Crashland Colony entry. And Pirate Captain Ramos is back for more steampunk adventure in Alex Acks' Wireless.

New Science Fiction Romance Releases for May 2017

Veronica Scott looks at the business of science fiction romance, then at some new releases.

Science Fiction Romance Authors Write About Pets In Space

Of course there have been pets in science fiction shows, comics and novels for decades – Krypto in Superman, Muffit the Daggit in Battlestar Galactica,...

Sports and Games in Science Fiction Romance

Several science fiction and fantasy romance authors talk about the role of fictional sports and games in their novels.

Award Winning SF Romance Authors Discuss the Genre

Notes on the SFR Galaxy award and some thoughts on SF Romance's future.

Australian Science Fiction Romance Is Alive and Well

Veronica goes down under for the down low on Australian SFR

Cyborg Romance Is Here and It’s Hot

With a little change in programming, The Terminator could have been a very different kind of movie....

Veronica Scott Talks Science Fiction Romance

Veronic Scott introduces herself and the readers of Amazing Stories to Science Fiction Romance.