Action Packed New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

A new entry in Anna Hackett’s Eon series. Hijacking an alien warship might not be such a good idea…. Shooting your hot alien warrior protector might also not be such a good idea, but it happens in Leslie Chase’s Torran, a Crashland Colony entry. And Pirate Captain Ramos is back for more steampunk adventure in Alex Acks’ Wireless.

Science Fiction Romance Authors Write About Pets In Space

Of course there have been pets in science fiction shows, comics and novels for decades – Krypto in Superman, Muffit the Daggit in Battlestar Galactica, K-9 in Dr. Who, Graf in Alas, Babylon, Jonesy the cat in the first two Alien movies, Porthos the beagle in Star Trek Enterprise, Ein in Cowboy Bebop, just to name […]