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Modern Myth and Meaning: The Rebel Starbird

[Joseph] Campbell thought that in order for modern society to rejuvenate itself from a detached spiritual condition, we were going to need some new symbols.

What Happens When Every Citizen Receives a Universal Basic Income

Thomas Paine wrote about this. The same guy who said "The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason."

Distopías ecuatorianas

On Dystopias, with side trips to Philip K. Dick and Ecuador.

Universal Basic Income Could Boost US Economy by $2.5 Trillion

Basic Income in the US could also provide a huge boost for the nation's economy.

REVIEW: The Naked World by Eli K. P. William

Middle books of a trilogy are the ugly step-child of literature. Everybody loves the first book in a trilogy: the characters are shiny and...

Close encounter of South Korean kind/South Korean Science Fiction

At times, living in South Korea feels like living in a science fiction or dark fantasy world. Does this mean that South Koreans aren't interested in speculative fiction? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Congressional Funding for NASA in 2017 (Not half bad – who...

Congress unanimously approved NASA's 2017 budget. Considering the anti-science bias in this Congress, this one is a pleasant surprise (with one glaring exception).

Scide Splitters: Brooklyn Project by William Tenn

"Brooklyn Project," William Tenn’s outstanding political satire, highlights the folly of disregarding civil liberties for the sake of security.

Scide Splitters: The Masculinist Revolt by William Tenn

Warning: The story recommended in this review contains satire that may cause indigestion in some readers, particularly those who are currently afflicted with Puppy Mania.

Reflections in a Black Mirror

Black Mirror’s thesis is exactly what its title suggests: a dark reflection of ourselves.

A Review of Flashback by Dan Simmons

This book kicks posterior. It's a wild turbo-boosted ride through a shockingly plausible dystopia.

I Hope You See Something I Don’t

The Mars Curiosity rover, with a finite lifetime, is sleeping on the job. I wonder if it dreams. Apparently we've stopped.

Who Is Your Audience, and Why Should You Care?

The artistic process, whether painting or prose, is admittedly the child of self-expression. The long-standing image of the cloistered artist in her studio —...