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Manly Art for Manly Men

You don't have to be "manly" to paint "manly".

Conan, by Crom!

Depictions of Conan have evolved over the years, from Emshwiller to Brundage to Arnold and now, to Jackson.

ROBERT E. HOWARD and the Many Faces of CONAN

Conan, from Weird Tales to remakes - with a dash or two of Frazetta thrown in for verisimilitude.

Bad Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

In order to understand what makes really good science fiction and fantasy art, you have to look at a few pieces of bad science fiction and fantasy art.

Pixels and Panels

A look a two comics you won't have to bag or board

Judging A Book By Its Cover (Art)

The old axiom about not judging a book by its cover notwithstanding, I am going to judge the merits of various book covers that...