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Plants have awareness and intelligence, arguescientists

Anyone questioning whether plants have intelligence has never seen or read Day of the Triffids

Inviting the Next Generation of Readers to Explore Science Fiction

Veronica interviews Corie Weaver, editor of the Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide series of books, then asks some science fiction romance writers what the first science fiction books they read were.

Hugo Award by the Numbers Part 4

Since 1966, the average length of Hugo nominated novels has more than doubled...

Review – Sanity and the Lady by Brian Aldiss

Aldiss has written the most comfortable, middle-class, middle-of-the-road, whimsical, genteel catastrophe imaginable. I can only in all fairness conclude that was all along his intention.

The 72nd Worldcon Voters will Forge History

The Hugos are upon us. RK gives you even more (and better reasons) to join up and vote!

Review – The Moon King by Neil Williamson

The Moon King Review: Ultimately The Moon King is a fairytale for adults, which requires you to accept it for what it is. It is also that rare thing, a modern fantasy novel with a beginning, a middle, an end and a purpose.

Movie Review: Grabbers (Blu-Ray)

Grabbers has been dismissed in some quarters for not doing anything original. Well most films don’t do anything original, and Grabbers does achieve a couple of things I’ve never seen before.

When Science Fiction IS Science Fiction

It is a profound mistake to interpret the genre of science fiction literally

Dreams and Perceptions…The Stuff of Science Fiction

I firmly believe that we ultimately define ourselves through our experience and our approach of the unfamiliar. A new relationship. A stranger in town. A different culture. An alien encounter…

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Why has The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham remained a classic over the years? Believe it or not, it has a lot to do with its ambiguity.