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Comic Review: Port of Earth #1

Port of Earth brings readers back to their science fiction roots with a terrifying near future, aliens have arrived and they are offering humanity an interesting business proposition.

The Walking Dead v The Walking Dead

Which is better, Robert Kirkman’s classic comic book series The Walking Dead from Image Comics or Robert Kirkman’s hit television series The Walking Dead on AMC?

Comic Review: Astronauts in Trouble by Larry Young and Charlie Adlard

Astronauts in Trouble by Larry Young, Charlie Adlard is the type of classic bound science fiction comic that many members of fandom will enjoy just as much as the storied history it mocks.

New Horror Comic Round-Up: Ghosted #006 + Grimm Fairy Tales Presents...

There's all kinds of new comic horrors hitting the stands these days. Here's an introduction to just a few.

Sequential Wednesdays #17 – Comic-Con: A Recounting

Another year, another Comic-Con touches down in San Diego's historic Gaslamp district and billows the hell around and makes a metric ton of people...

Sequential Wednesdays #16 – San Diego Comic-Con 2013

It's finally here!  I've attended San Diego Comic-Con in mid-July for about the past 11 years and it's never been stale.  Sure, there are...

Sequential Wednesdays #14 – Image’s Brave New World

Con season is seriously rolling up, so be prepared to see some very hastily, exuberant and rather long-winded reports of the goings on and...

Sequential Wednesdays #13 – On Reminiscing & Predicting

Hey folks, I'm back after a self-imposed 6 week (or so) hiatus from writing posts for ASM.  I went off to work on an...

Sequential Wednesdays #8 – Rotten & Dirty [UPDATED]

UPDATE: ComiXology's David Steinberger has announced that it was *NOT* Apple's decision to not release Saga #12.  Please see my comment below. It's genuinely shocking that...