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Nuevo libro: Una cierta Hecatombe de Pedro Paunero

"A certain catastrophe" pays tribute to post apocalyptic cinema

Novedades de Octubre

News of speculative fiction book publications, magazines and more of interest to Spanish speaking fans.

Novedades de Enero

January was a busy month for Spanish language speculative fiction, with many book and magazine releases, calls for stories and more!
audio cuento de ciencia ficción

Cosmocáspsula Ep. 3 – Audio cuento: “Una simple negociación” por Edher...

Cosmocapsula presents the audio story - A Simple Negotiation

Fantásticos Imaginarios en Monterrey

A preview of the 24th annual Book Fair in Monterey

1775: Alunizaje literario mexicano

Before Well's The First Men In the Moon...before Verne's A Trip To the Moon, there was...Fray Manuel Antonio de Rivas