Reading the SF Encyclopedia One Random Entry At A Time: Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are very popular, so its no surprise that the SFE has an entry for them, but the entry isn’t for the kind of dinosaurs you’re probably thinking of (and definitely not the ones that, for some, co-existed with humans).

This entry is for a short-lived but well written and produced television series of the same name.

Airing between 1991 and 1994, producing  some 64 episodes and produced by Michael Jacobs Productions, Jim Henson Productions and Walt Disney Television, the show had a lot in common with The Flintstones, The Honeymooners, All in the Family and The Simpsons (but then, what biting sitcom doesn’t?).

The SFE writes:

The protagonists are anthropomorphized Dinosaurs, using impressive suits and puppetry from the Jim Henson workshop (Henson himself conceived the show in the 1980s, but died before it was broadcast). The family consists of Megalosaurus father Earl Sinclair (Pankin), an unthinking conservative slob but good-hearted when prodded, whose job involves pushing over trees; Allosaurus mother Fran (Walter), a long-suffering housewife who is clearly too good for Earl; Hypsilophodon teenaged son Robbie (Willinger), smart but lazy, the most likely to take a moral stand; Protoceratops teenaged daughter Charlene (Struthers), initially a bit shallow but maturing as the series progresses; and Megalosaurus Baby (Clash), able to speak since hatching, prone to one-liners and clambering onto Earl’s head to whack it with a frying pan.

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