AI Might Issue Fatwa.  We’ve seen AI in service to religion before in SF – Alexis Gilliland’s Skashkash, Chandler’s Tin Messiah – but this is real world.

Scorsese is at it again, attempting to explain  the differences between “commodities” (super hero films) and “art” (“real”  cinema).  I’m personally in sympathy with his position, though YMMV.

The ACLU has filed a suit against Oklahoma.  The state is on the verge of approving funding for a “religiously-based charter school”.  We think it should be obvious that this violates the principal of the separation of Church and State, but apparently those receiving religious educations haven’t been taught this.  Go figure.  This is a big deal.

First Fandom‘s newsletter has announced the winners of its annual awards:   (Membership is open, sign up to get their newsletter)
• Michael Moorcock
• Will Murray
• Ken Kelly
• Conrad H. Ruppert
• John L. Coker III

Billionaires Distort Reality

A long time from now, the formation of a new super-continent may make the planet uninhabitable

NASA is very happy with their asteroid sample return mission

Amazon being sued for monopolistic practices.  Excuse us but – It’s about fucking time

A discussion of magazine distribution, from The Saint magazine, August, 1966

And, in other Fascist Nazi Antisemitic News, a HS football coach resigns after his team repeatedly used “Nazi” as a play call, while competing against a team from a Jewish High School.  BOTH the lack of historical awareness and the antisemitism bother me greatly.

The Kansas City SF & F Society shares this review of The Mountains of Madness

Lou Anders showcases Connie Willis’ news roundup.  She’s quite good at it.

Renfaires are Creatures of the  Counter Culture

STOP THE PRESSES!  BATTEN THE HATCHES!  LOCATE YOUR NEAREST SHELTER!  PREPARE FOR HOSTILE ENEMY ACTION!  PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS! It has just been announced that a second remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, this one starring Chris Pratt (Star Lord) is in the offing.  For the record and well in advance of release:  this film can not possibly match, in any way, the original 1951 version.  The best we can hope for is that it will not be anywhere near as terrible, awful, horrible, sucky, disgusting, meaningless, pointless, confused, unnecessary, stupid, misguided, foolish, insulting and smelly as the Keeanu Reeves abomination from several years ago.  Robert Wise’s original take is nigh on perfect.  There is no need to ever make a new version of this classic.  There is EVERY reason to believe that contemporary Hollywood  does not understand the themes of that movie and never will again.

Game Company Evil Genius is suing Netflix over their cancelling of a game release

JWST reveals three black holes that are colliding

A review of Terry Carr’s The Catcher of the Rye.  (No, that’s not a typo.  Yes, it is the correct author.)

The new Ansible is here!  The new Ansible is here!

A T-Rex Race.  Too funny to ignore.

California Bans Book Bans!

Radioactive Waste affects a community.  Big surprise it is a minority community

What to do next if your book was used to train an AI

A review of The Creator it’s not the latest Star Wars

Alex Shvartsman announces a release party

A round-up of Space Ark images


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