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There’s still a fair amount of stuff on the personal front t9hat needs to be sorted following my move (like taking receipt of the trailer with my stuff and finding a place to live), but I wanted to let everyone know that a fair amount of discussion has been going on behinid the scenes regarding some serious changes that will be taking place at Experimenter Publishing/Amazing Stories, both the website and the magazine that will be affecting just about everything (and hopefully all in a positve, or positively handled, manner).

(That happens when a major corporation pulls the rug out by not paying their contractually obligated fees and refusing to even acknowledge your existence when you serve them notice.*)

Among those changes is one such I can announce today:  we’re going to be more timely and topical on the website than we ever have been before.

Right now, that will be expressing itself as the publication of more press releases published when they are received (or very shortly after beinig received) than previously.

These will be focused for our audience and if the past is any indication, they will mostly concern new releases, author appearances and event promotions.

We reach over 45 Thousand self-identified readers of science fiction and fantasy through our website and have been told on numerous occasions that our news and promotional efforts have helped to take several books to Best Seller status.  (Our posts are also replicated via Faebook and Twitter.)

You won’t have to wait until Sunday’s news roundup anymore.  Send in your announcements and we’ll get them up on the website, as a featured post, ASAP.

Not to mention that there’s so much going on in the world of genre that having a venue like the world’s first science fiction magazine publicizing your latest can help put you a step ahead of everyone else.

Please feel free to send your new release announcement, your author appearances, book tours, convention attendance and other genre-related happenings to ME, here at Amazing Stories.

Just a couple of tips before I let you go:  If you include the ability to view your PR as a webpage, we will be better able to present it on the website the way you intended for it to be seen.
Include at least one image – your book cover, your convention logo, a picture of your wonderful self, that wew can use as the featured image of the post.
More is better than less.  By way of example:  if you are announcing a new release, include images and links to your other offerings, your webpage or author site, your FB and Twitter addresses.
Special offers also draw attention, such as a short term discount or specials.

We’re first come and first served:  your post (should we choose to publish it) will remain the featured post on the website for a minimum of a half-hour (30 minutes), which means there’s only 48 slots available in a day.

Consider additional advertising and promotions via the website to support your release.

*Not explicitly naming the parties involved is our way of giving them an opportunity to change their behavior – a courtesy we continue to extend without any hint of reciprocity.

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