Norman Spinrad’s NOWHERELAND – complete first draft for $0.99!

This is a revolutionary experiment.  NOWHERELAND is the complete first draft of a novel that has lain dormant for years because I knew it would be an important novel if I could figure out how to write a final draft but I couldn’t.  Too mimetic than it should be, and I wasn’t yet ready to leave the right level and I knew it.  Now I think I do understand.  And the first part was too long and needed to be more drastic about the future.  Now I can do that with some real editorial help.

The two main characters are a man and a woman who are citizens of a New York which is more second online electronic life than “real’ and likewise their personalities.  They don’t like each other.  Neither of them quite believes that the other one is real.  They leave a second life party in a car, which is wrecked, and they find themselves bouncing threw a series of discontented realities trying to return to the Big Apple which is always in the far distance.  Everything is real? Or is nothing real?

And when they finally get back to what New York has become—

You would have to read this first draft to find out if you are just a reader.  You have 30 days to find out for $0.99 because I will take this ebook down after that.  Because what I’m trying to do is not just find an appropriate publisher, or rather have an appropriate publisher find this first draft of NOWHERELAND, but to find one with an editor who can and would help me turn it into the finished novel.

All of which is why I am pricing this unfinished novel as cheaply as Amazon will allow.


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